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Twitter Poetry zum Thema Stress

Die Klasse 10d beschäftigte sich im Englischunterricht mit Twitter poetry. Nachdem sie verschiedene Twitter-Gedichte gelesen und besprochen hatten, verfassten sie für ihre Leserschaft eigene Kurzgedichte. Als Thema wurde „Stress“ gewählt.

Hier einige Beispiele für euch zum Nachdenken und Nachfühlen:

Sometimes all I think about
is you
Late nights in the middle of June
Heat waves been freaking me out
can’t make u happier

by a boy

Stress in my head
it’s a mess
But is it stress?
Or is it me?
What else could it be?
But I have to confess
It’s killing me.
Am I
The stress?

by a girl

Stress at school is taking over your life
Holidays-my mind was free
not thinking about anythingbad
having opportunities
to express myself
No pressure at all

But then I came back to school
The place where stress was born
Presure to get perfect grades
But that’s not even all
Exams, homework, presentations
Feeling worn out by all that

Back at home Life not getting better
Stress still being there
No breaks, just sitting down
at your desk to continue working
like a machine

No time for reading, meeting friends, sports
The start of mental illness
That is the reality for a student today

by two girls

My school wants my knowledge
My trainer wants my performance
My friends want my presence
My dog wants my attention
My mother wants my love
My father wants my success
But what do I want?
And need?

by a boy

Stress is a mess
It keeps you up at night
When there is no light
And is a never ending fight

by a girl