Visit to the Embassy of Canada

Geschrieben am 22. Dezember 2016

Last year our class participated in the Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen. For a short film on our visions of the future we won a prize: an invitation to the Canadian Embassy.

The embassy is located in the city centre. It was easy to find because in front of the building there were flags with a red maple leaf which showed us the way. We arrived at about 10 AM and went straight through a security check where they looked through our bags and belongings.

In the beautiful building we were introduced to a very nice Canadian woman who works there. She lead us to the McLuhan Salon, a small room with comfortable seats and smart tables where we learned a lot about the embassy, Canada, its diversity and history by listening to a song, watching videos and reading interesting texts in small groups. We were amazed by the enthusiastic and lively way the lady spoke with us. We could understand her very well. It was a little bit like school but much more relaxed that is why we liked it.

Then we were shown through the public rooms of the embassy. You won’t believe how beautiful the building is! Everything was very luxurious and the rooms were beautifully furnished and decorated with indigenous paintings and sculptures. There was even a small waterfall within it. The room which impressed us the most was a conference room with blue windows. Everything was made of teak and precious stones. One could even smell the wood. Almost all of the material that was used to build the building was brought to Berlin all the way from Canada.

In the end we got little presents as souvenirs and we took a photo of our class in front of the building which will remind us of our visit on which we felt as if we had been to Canada.

All in all we were fascinated by this field trip because we learned a lot but still enjoyed ourselves. We can only recommend a visit to the Embassy of Canada.