Englandfahrt 2016 der Klasse 9

Geschrieben am 27. September 2016

My Diary Entry – Our Trip to London in June 2016

Dear Diary,

Can you believe it? I am already back from my trip to England. Time really flew by. We visited a lot of wonderful places and I had a lot of fun with my friends. But there is one particular place I would really like to tell you about: London.

First we visited Greenwich which is a district within greater London. Even though I have been to London several times, this was my first time in Greenwich. I was so excited because I really wanted to visit the Prime Meridian, which is the meridian in our coordinate system with the longitude of 0°. It divides the eastern and western hemisphere. This was also the first place we visited and I really enjoyed it. We also visited the Maritime Museum but didn´t actually get to go inside because we didn’t have enough time. After that the teachers gave us some free time.

After visiting Greenwich we headed off to London by ferry. It was amazing. We saw many of the sights London is known for. We saw the London Eye, Tower Bridge, The Gherkin, Westminster Abbey and much more. Despite the ferry being a little slow, it was a lot of fun. We also took lots of great pictures. We got off of the ferry when it stopped at Westminster Abbey.

After that we went to take a closer look at some sights in London. Since we didn´t have much time, we didn´t get to see as much as we wanted to, but that was okay because after some time everyone was very tired anyway.

First we visited Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go inside because it was too expensive. Still it was stunning. We also saw the beautiful Buckingham Palace.

Later we took a short break near the London Eye. After that we went to the Globe Theatre. Since there was a big fire a long time ago, this wasn’t the original Globe Theatre, but rather a reconstructed version. Nevertheless I really enjoyed it.

Lastly the teachers let us decide whether we wanted to see the Tate Modern or Covent Garden. So we were divided into two groups. I decided to go with the Covent Garden group. On our way there we saw the wonderful Saint Paul’s Cathedral, which was also something I had really been looking forward to. By the time we got to Covent Garden I was so tired I couldn’t walk. After spending some time there we met up with the others and that concluded our trip to London.

All in all I really enjoyed the trip and although it was exhausting I would definitely recommend visiting London.

Yours, Katja (Year 9)