Voice Recordings in English for the New App about the Rummelsburg Memorial Site

Geschrieben am 12. Mai 2015

In April 2015 four of our Year 11 students had the opportunity to cooperate with the Rummelsburg Memorial Site in Lichtenberg. Since our school is famous for the high level the students reach in English, we were asked to be the English language speakers of a new app, which aims at providing visitors of the site with historical background information on the former detention centre.

In this app the developers wanted to include a guided tour around the former prison specifically for children and teenagers. Thus they were looking for young voices to record because they thought that these voices would appeal to their new target group. When they approached our school to find students to read out the English version, four of us immediately volunteered because we liked the idea of the project.

The day before the recordings, we received and practiced the English texts that we would read out loud the next day. For this purpose we had a special training session with one of our teachers. On the actual day of the recording, two of the responsible organizers came to our school to record our voices. It was very exciting and in the end, everybody was happy with the results.

During the press conference which we attended on April 29th 2015 at the Rummelsburg Memorial Site the organizers presented the new app to Lichtenberg’s mayor as well as to the public. When they played some voice recordings as examples I felt good knowing that I had contributed to such an important project.

As you can see, I personally am very glad that I participated in this project. It gave me the chance to discover a historical place very close to where I live. I was quite surprised that I had never heard of the Rummelsburg detention centre, although it used to be at a place very close to where I live. However, I did not only learn something about its history, but I was also able to help educate others by contributing to the production of the app which caters for young people using the latest means of technology.

Alina Hiller, Year 11, 05.05.2015