Our trip to England, Hastings in October 2014

Geschrieben am 17. November 2014

Sunday, 5th October and Monday 6th October (by Lisa)

On Sunday afternoon at 5 o’clock pm our class trip to England started. We met in front of our school and together waited for the bus. When the bus arrived we were already very excited and also a bit nervous. Then everyone said good bye to their families and we drove to Calais. Every two hours we had a break, so nobody could sleep for a long time even though it was night. Sadly we arrived in Calais too late and missed our ferry at 6 o’clock am. So we had to spend two and a half hours in the car park until we got the next ferry at 9 o’clock am. As it was early in the morning, outsight the bus it was cold and most of us were happy when we got on the ferry. After 90 minutes we arrived in Dover around 9.30 o’clock (English time). Our host families lived in Hastings and we went there by bus. In the centre of the small town we got off the bus and went to the “smugglers adventure caves” by an old cable car called “west lift”. Around lunchtime we left the exhibition and went back to the centre. Then we got free time for shopping, lunch, etc. At 3 o’clock pm we met again to visit the “blue reef aquarium” and another museum. When we finished this we had to walk to the car park where our bus was waiting for us. But we would not have been in England if it had not rained. So of course we had to walk through the rain along the coast, where it was very windy. After a whole hour of walking we arrived at the bus totally wet. There we waited for our host families. Around 6 o’clock pm they arrived. We spent The evening in groups of two to three in our families, who were all very nice. All in all the first day was stressful but also a good beginning of our time in England.

London (2nd day by Vickie)

On the second day of our England trip we visited London. We were all really excited to visit this amazing and famous metropolis, for most of us it was the first visit to London.

When our bus arrived in London we had to go straight to the river Thames because a short boat trip was planned. Afterwards we visited the famous Globe Theatre. In my opinion it was pretty interesting but many of us could not really understand what the guide was telling us because our seats were located too far away from him. After the Globe Theatre we went back to our bus and had a 40 minute city tour with another guide, who told us something about the various sights of London we drove past, for example the Big Ben, the London Eye and Tower Bridge. During this tour we had the chance to take photos but we had to hurry because the bus did not stop in front of the sights. After this tour we drove to the Imperial War Museum. Lots of us were a bit disappointed because actually nobody wanted to visit a historical museum while being in this amazing and beautiful city. We stayed there for 2-3 hours and the museum itself was actually quite interesting but the fact that we spent so much time there made us not really enjoy our abidance there.

Lots of us would have loved to visit the London Eye like the other classes from our school did, or some more sights like Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey. But being in this amazing and famous city was still an amazing experience.

Brighton (3rd day by Philine)

At 8:00 o’clock we met at the bus to drive to Brighton. We were all very tired because everything is just so exciting here in England and nobody wanted to waste time with too much sleep. As we arrived in Brighton it just started raining. We walked to Brighton Pier, which is really beautiful and after everybody had finished taking photos we had a nice walk through Brighton to the Royal Pavillion. All of the students thought we would now visit it and have a look at the inside rooms. But no, instead we were given free time to go shopping. My friends and I first went to a souvenir shop and after that to a big mall. Three hours later we had to be back at the Royal Pavillion. Everybody was on time except for two boys who were searching for a bag one of them had lost.

When the boys finally joined us we went inside the Royal Pavillion. We all took an audio-guided tour. The only problem was that mine only worked till the middle of the Pavillion. So after it had stopped I could just look at the beautiful rooms without any further explanation.

After everybody went outside the Pavillion again we walked back to the bus and drove to the Seven Sisters, which are chalk cliffs. Everybody who ever gets the chance to go there should take it because it is a really wonderful place. We took some photos and all had a lot of fun even though it was really windy there.

On our way back to Hastings we came across a really lovely spot and one of the teachers needed to take some pictures. Some students got out of the bus and took photos as well.

Then we drove back to our host families and had a nice evening with them.

Excursion to Oxford (9th October by Sarah)

On Thursday all students were brought to the sea road at 7.30 in the morning by their host families. All of us were very excited to see Oxford. But to go there we had to walk far…the trip took us four hours. As we already arrived near the oldest part of Oxford, we walked through the old alleys and saw lots of shops there. After this short walk we arrived in front of the Christ Church College. Then we got a little map to help us find our way around the inside of the college. We had 1.30h to visit the inside of the college. First we went to the great hall, in which parts of the “Harry Potter” movies were filmed. It was very interesting to see what it looks like in real life, even though it was a bit disappointing that this hall was much smaller than in the movies. After this many of us visited the Christ Church Cathedral., which was built in the twelfth century. Inside of the cathedral we were very quiet. Some people also prayed there. After our visit we went into a souvenir shop. Most of the students bought an Oxford pullover. Then we met with two guides in front of the college and our group was divided into two smaller groups. Then we had a guided tour through the colleges in Oxford. The guides showed us where the author of “Alice in Wonderland” was inspired and where the secret garden is. They also showed us the backyards of a few other colleges. After the guided tour we had free time. Most of us went shopping. We had a lot of time…three hours! At the end of these amazing three hours we had to meet up in front of McDonald’s. Then we searched for our bus and finally drove back to Hastings. It was a really exhausting day.

Hastings (last day by Ian)

Today was our last day in Hastings. At first we visited a place called Battle near Hastings. Back then (I don’t know the exact date), there was a famous war. We visited a museum which shows the  people and their life in the Middle Ages. That was really impressive. It took us about an hour.

Then we had half an hour of free time, Battle only was a small village. After that, we went back to Hastings at around 13:00 o’clock.

There we had 5 hours of free time! That was really cool, also the weather was nice. Most of us went shopping or to the beach. A few people climbed a mountain to gain a fantastic view over Hastings. Then, at around 18:00 o’clock we met at the bus. Our host families picked us up the last time, because the next day we went home.