LK Englisch Q2: „A Tale of British Justice“

Geschrieben am 23. Februar 2014

Creative Writing as a way of coming to terms with literature

In one of our English classes we read Nikesh Shukla’s short story A Tale of British Justice (For Zahid Mubarek).The cruel, shocking and senseless murder of a British boy of Pakistani origin by a white supremacist – made possible by the failure of the British legal system in the first place – was reflected by our students in poems, eulogies and fables.

brown rabbit

a group of white rabbits
amongst them a poor brown rabbit
shy, alone and very hungry

brown one stole a carrot
and chased in to the dark forest
he is watched by ugly ravens

rabbit came across the wolf
hassling him at night
with raging eyes

„Oh filthy brown
poor lost rabbit
not fitting the others
dirty rabbit scum.“

whispering, mumbling
putting poor rabbit in terror

rabbit was running to get
out of the forest
begging the ravens for
but ravens just let their ugly
voices sound.

tired of hiding
rabbit laid to rest
on the edge of the forest
thinking „I’m safe“
when the sharp, white teeth of the wolf
ripped up
his innocent body.

and what would have happened if he was white?
wouldn’t it be different.
no it’s too late.
Rabbit is dead

A Poem


Look at that boy,

What a waste

He was nice and coy;

A tragic case.

Peter the racist

Beat him to death.

Among thugs and rapists

He took his last breath.

Death witout sense;

Cause of battery jailed.

We miss him immense;

The system failed.


By Little Princess and Sister A

Poor Kerry

Poor Kerry was beaten to death in his cell

By Peter the psychopathic bulldog

He had no point being there, didn’t deserve this hell

Just stole some batteries at the corner shop

The guards didn’t even notice

They wouldn’t have cared anyway

Tell me how this can happen in British justice

An innocent boy killed as prey!

Didn’t we learn since KKK?

Gustav and Leo

Uljana, Ly and Melli