Berlin Model United Nations 2011

Geschrieben am 12. Februar 2012

In 2011 we sent a delegation to BERMUN again. This year’s conference was the 20th annual one and therefore had some special program points during opening and closing ceremony. This year’s topic was “Eradicating poverty: An imperative for this generation” which we had to deal with from the Pakistani point of view. Seven students were assigned to committees where different aspects of the topic were discussed e.g. the economic or political ones. Additionally two other students were able to successfully apply for the International Court of Justice where they discussed a fictional conflict between two countries. This year again, our delegation, consisting of both „veteran“ and first-time delegates, was able to make a huge impact with its active participation by submitting different amendments or contributing to the discussions on the resolutions.

All in all the general opinion was that the ’11 BerMUN was once again a great experience and a highlight of the school year. We are glad that we had the opportunity to go to the conference. Therefore we can only motivate any interested student to try and get a place on the delegation for future BERMUN conferences.

Some statements made by the delegates:

„Once again BERMUN was my school year’s highlight. Slipping into the role of a Pakistani delegate for the United Nations was a challenge and a great experience at the same time. In the comparatively small but all the more cozy Advisory Panel I met interesting students from all over the world and made lasting friendships. Make sure to join Model United Nations if you are interested in global affairs and want to share your thoughts with like-minded people!“

Charly, delegate to the Advisory Panel

„Being part of the Berlin Model International Court of Justice was something I wouldn’t have liked to miss. As an advocate I had the difficult task to convince the judges – all very witty people – of my arguments. We worked on a fictional case, which still included features of various real international conflicts: We discussed the rights of tribal people, headscarfs, illigal drone attacks and corruption. Although it took some time to prepare properly for the conference – it was all worth it! The atmosphere in our rather small group was friendly – and it wasn’t as crowded as the other committees. Not only was the BMICJ full of funny, open-minded students, the issues at hand where very interesting.“

Claudia, advocate at the BERMUN International Court of Justice

‎“Participating at BerMUN again this year proved to be an experience I will never forget. Debating with student from all over the world on the Disarmament committee was a great challenge. Trying to convince nearly 80 people of the Pakistani position was quite hard but nonetheless connected with a lot of joy. I especially enjoyed making new friends which is one of the best parts of BerMUN. Additionally to my position as delegate in the Disarmament Committee I was entrusted the position of Pakistan’s Ambassador by my fellow students. Being able to hold a little opening speech in front of around 300 people is definitely something that was difficult but a lasting experience.
I can recommend anyone interested in global affairs and international relations to join Model United Nations as this gives you the opportunity to meet many open-minded students from all over the world and form new friendships.“

Duc, delegate to the Disarmament Committee and Ambassador

This year’s Bermun was the first one in my life. At first I was pretty scared seeing all those people from different countries and not knowing anyone of them. As I discovered soon though all they were really talkative and open-minded.
I was in the human rights committee and we discussed the insurance of education, nutrition and health care, it was truly interesting to get to know views on that of more than 50 countries!
All in all I experienced Bermun as something that I’ll never forget and would definitely recommend everyone who is interested in global affairs to join Mun and maybe next year’s Bermun:)

Anna, delegate to the Political Committee

„This years conference was my first BerMUN. Due to the experiences of the other MUNers who participated before, my expectations were high and I was really looking forward. Together with Claudia I had the chance to form an advocate team in the Berlin Model International Court of Justice which is a special BerMUN committee and whose procedures are slightly different form the others. We discussed a fictive case whereas we represented the applicant state and had to compete with the other advocate team. After both teams presented their evidence by interpreting several real international treaties in their favor and questioned some witnesses, the team of around 15 judges deliberated on the case. On the last day of the conference a verdict was finally found. It was a marvellous experience to work with lots of highly motivated and open minded people, who in their enthusiasm, continued to discuss the case even in our breaks.“

Clemens, advocate at the BERMUN International Court of Justice