Review: The Airport Play

Geschrieben am 30. November 2011

In September 2011 we went to see The Airport Play – Terminal Connections by Ali von Stein at the English Theatre. The play is made up of six fascinating scenes by different authors. These scenes take place at airports all over the world. They are quite different from each other, but they all deal with the topic of personal insecurity and intercultural relations.

We especially liked the scene in which an Indian man approaches a woman reading a self-help book. She seems very unhappy and is clearly lacking in self-confidence. Consequently when the man tries to talk to her, she rejects him. Nevertheless, he tells her about the author of her book whom he got to know, because he seduced and married his former wife. Thus he is convinced that this writer is a very bad man. The longer the woman listens to the Indian the more she believes his words and tries to comfort him in his heartache. Somehow they become friends and he persuades her that she does not need a self-help book to be happy. When she is finally leaving for her plane she does not take her book with her.

The variety of emotions shown in scenes like this one ranges from love to hate, from relieve to despair. Many elements are elaborated on in a very funny, partially satiric kind of way. The characters presented in the play seemed very authentic to us due to their individuality. Some of them experienced traumatic events which they blame themselves for and do not get over. Some have to say goodbye to their beloved ones or meet someone new who changes their lives. The play shows the way life goes. It is about farewells and welcomes, about new relations and old prejudices and illustrates how they affect all of us.

For these issues we found the terminal of an airport a great setting. It intensifies the atmosphere of the play and underlines its message. All in all the play is one of a kind, making you laugh, but also including moments of thoughtfulness and compassion. It left us with a deep impression and we would recommend the play to everyone who likes to connect their ideas to those of others and wants to broaden his or her mind.

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