Fahrt des Englisch-LKs nach London, 2009

Geschrieben am 7. Oktober 2010

with Mr. Saegebarth

In the end of our second semester (2009) students and teachers of two English Advanced Courses combined for a trip to London. We had talked about the cultural heritage of the UK, about Shakespeare, about the political system, in class and it was thus reasonable to visit the homeland of King Lear and the Queen. As London is the centre of culture, politics and economy, that means, the UK, it was obvious to go there.

Having arrived there, we explored in smaller or larger groups, sometimes alone, the city, watching the Changing of the Guard in front of Buckingham Palace, strolling down Whitehall and catching a glimpse of Downing Street 10. Marvellous was the visit to the National Gallery, illuminative that to the Globe Theatre.

Finally, some of us enjoyed the panoramic view, the London Eye offers, spent more time taking photos than watching the quarters that sprawled in the deepness. Three of us were so much occupied by this fascinating capital that they missed the plane back to Berlin.

Maxim Mentzel